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Explorer Scouts are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old. They make up the fourth section of the Scouting family after Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.


If you are interested in joining 1st Pocklington Explorer Unit, please contact Robin hull on 01759 304849.


Explorer Scouts (“Explorers”) take part in similar outdoor activities to the Scouts except usually on a bigger scale! There are also many more National and International events and camps to get involved with so Explorers have the opportunity to get involved in activities with other scouts from all over the world by attending a National or World Scout Jamboree or simply taking part in a challenge such as Gilwell 24!

In Pocklington we have a fondness for great food so even when on a survival camp with the unit you’ll probably find yourself making some form of Chinese style duck over a campfire! (But you’d have to pluck it first of course)